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New journal entry added. Haven't been able to work on the shrine pages too much lately. Despite the plague, I've actually been pretty busy. Hope to have something completed soon.

Journal page added to the site. Hope to update it every once in a while. Wishing everyone well during the current plague.

Updates three days in a row! I added the 'doorways' page today. It's a page of links to other websites. Figured I should have a little more content on here sooner while I work on the shrines. Still many more doorways to add. Most the links I do have up are rather silly. Hope they're entertaining.

The bio page has been updated. I only have two more pages to construct, but it will probably take me a while. My HTML skills are pretty rusty so I'm kind of (re)learning as I go. I'm new to journaling, and I wasn't sure I wanted to put myself out there for the world this openly, but it's still up to me what I share, so why not? I considered using Dreamwidth instead of posting entries here, but I think it's good to support Neocities, so I'd want to keep most of the content here.
The shrine page will be a host for different sub pages of my interests or things that I just think are kool or would make an interesting page. I'll likely update the sidebar link once I have one shrine complete (out of maybe 5 planned).
Hope you're all doing okay!

Hello and welcome to my website.
This is still very under construction, so just hold tight! Lots to come.