The spirit of the glade...

There was once a time when I was referred to as Spirit online, long ago when the digital world was rife with mysticism. Seeing as Neocities harkens to the web of the past, it is fitting to take up my old moniker once again. I was born in the early 90s, meaning my digital exposure was to Geocities, Angelfire, Fortunecity, and the hidden personal websites and shrines strewn about the web, only found through investigative and cryptic means. These forms of internet esoterica always fascinated me, and in this contemporary age of impersonal social media, I'm continously drawn back to the internet of the past (the true internet, in my opinion). This site stands as a nostalgic portal to heartfelt memories, old ideals, wonder, and secrets. This is not merely a dwelling on what was once, but a hope to infuse my own mana into the digital space, infusing the now with the spirit of the was, lest we forget.

My main interests in life are secret wisdom, transcendence, love, and the fantastical. I have a love for anime from the 80s to the early 00s, retro video games (NES through PS2 in particular), literature, monasticism and asceticism, and of course music (my favorite genres being gothic metal, black metal, dungeon synth, and ethereal wave). My interests seem unbounding, so I'm sure more will be mentioned here over time.

It's been a pleasure to meet you <3