...Doorways to elsewhere...

Here you'll find a collection of links, mostly comprised of websites I used to frequent when I was younger, many of which eventually fell away into disrepair, domains unpaid, or collapsed by dead hosts, but some are still standing as revamped versions of their past selves or remain static totems of their bygone eras.


I'm sure I'm one of the few people in the world who remember this site. Bobsite was the work of a Canadian individual designed to showcase the elaborate and odd world of Cannibal Bob, the main character in a series of comics he drew in school. The website broke down the lore of these Bobs, at some points in great detail, including other alien characters and cows in this realm. I particularly enjoyed his cow comics, most of which you can still read if you prod around the wayback archive enough to piece together some working links, and the one original Cannibal Bob comic he ever posted is available somewhere later in the archive. I greatly enjoyed these types of sites dedicated to creative fictional worlds.

Eskimo Bob

Eskimo Bob was, or rather still is a flash cartoon about two eskimos named Bob and Alfonso, showcasing both their mundane and extraordinary adventures. Some of the early episodes were rather short but eventually got a little deeper and more interesting. One episode was deemed the Eskimo Bob movie, complete with DBZ-style fight scenes (I think they sold a DVD of this when it was released. Much to my surprise and joy, the Eskimo Bob series still persists to this day, though I do miss the old website. Most episodes have been converted and uploaded to Youtube, but if you want the old Flash experience, there are lot of episodes on Newgrounds.

Mr. P's Castlevania Realm

An astonishingly robust Castlevania series fansite that is part of the greater VG Museum hub. The layout and design of the website has changed very little since I began visiting it years ago, and it's still being updated as new games are released. Mr. P really goes into everything: every weapon, every character, every backstory, every localization, anything contained within a Castlevania cartridge or disc is extrapoldated upon. I remember when I was only about 9 years old, one of my favorite copies of Tips 'n Tricks magazine contained a strategy guide for Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. I poured over how detailed the game was, how many things there are to find, how many monsters to kill. It must have been around this time that I stumbled upon the Realm, unlocking even greater wonder to a series that remains one of my favorites to this day.


A Dragon Warrior fansite that was more about fun that it was information. This guy made lots of great fan-content, the best of which were his webcomics. Dragon Warrior 101 was one of the first web comics I came across and I followed it until the end. The series eventually went on hiatus, but the site remained standing until at least 2012, which is quite a long time to get away with a URL that you'd figure Square-Enix would want to buy up. I have all DW.com's comics saved on my computer, but I still prefer reading them in their original website-hosted format. Check the site out if you like the DW/Q series or if you're a fan of 8-bit Theater.


I had forgotten the name of this site for decades until I came across a screenshot of this old homepage. Wolfhome was one of the first interactive avatar-based chatrooms. You 'play' in the chat as a wolf character in a set landscape. You can do a variety of different wolf actions: wander around, howl, growl, sleep, etc., or just chat away with the other wolves. Now, I first found this site out of my interest in the supernatural. I would scour the web for different websites on all kinds of mythic creatures, including werewolves and other therian beasts. When I first found wolfhome, I believed it was a chat for werewolves to hangout, a kind of secret meeting place for those in the know. When I found this the old home page screenshot and was finally reminded of the name of the site, upon further investigation I learned that this was essentially a chatroom for furries. I didn't come across anything else regarding furry culture for a long time in my early years online save for Wolfhome, and while I am in no way a furry myself, I still have fond memories of Wolfhome and I look back on how funny this all was. Apparently, Wolfhome is in the process of revamping their site, having recently achieved their kickstarter goal. I'm not going to join, but maybe a reader or two here may be interested.

~more to come~